Photo: Hiroyuki Okazaw

This beautiful resort sits on top of bluffs overlooking Ago bay and the Pacific ocean. The client, Mitsui Fudosan, asked us to collaborate on the design work with Hiromi Kobayashi a prominent former LPGA Tour player in the US and Japan, and current chairman of the JLPGA. Our task was to develop a master plan that would improve the golf course to a level capable of holding a professional tournament and increase its popularity with its resort guests. The final plans called for substantial changes to 6 golf holes which would open up the way to build a high caliber practice range. In addition, all bunkers and many of the tees were rebuilt or renovated to greatly improve the playability and strategic interest of the golf course. Trees and cart paths were also addressed so that the visual integrity of the course, and its long range views, were improved. After construction was completed the golf club opened to great reviews by the players and golf media.

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