Posted: December 17th in News & Press

Sausage 1

Any way you slice it, home-made Italian sausage is a tasty way to celebrate the holiday season — or any season.

The Holiday Season is time for lots of traditions, which for the Pascuzzo family means Damian and some good friends making home-made Italian sausage. The recipe may be secret, but not the process.

Step 1: Invite friends over to the house (in this case, fellow sausage makers Nunzio Di Christopher and Bob Sylvester)

Step 2: Open a couple bottles of wine

Step 3: Make some sausage

Step 4: Repeat Step 2.

“We all like to cook, and Christmas is a great time to get together,” Damian explains of the three merry sausage makers. “And it really tastes good.”

The recipe is from Bob’s grandfather, brought to American from Italy. It starts with special cuts of pork, includes fennel, oregano, salt & pepper and dried basil (sometimes red pepper flakes for hot sausage). They blend it, then stuff it, cook a batch and taste it. “Every year it’s a little different,” Damian says.

This year, they are going to introduce Damian’s homegrown oregano in the mix, to see how it works.

The main thing to remember, of course, is to Repeat Step 2.